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Tamariu DISCOVER TAMARIU   The core population of Tamariu in La Costa Brava that is also within the municipality of Palafrugell. Its geographical location is based between the coast of Begur and Llafranch. Its particularity is that it is one of the smalles...
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Discover Llafranch a little village by the sea in La Costa Brava DISCOVER LLAFRANCH Llafranch is a little village by the sea within the municipality of Palafrugell with less than 316 inhabitants. It is located just at the side of Calella de Palafrugell and which is...
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Costa Brava Experience by Porcel Advocats

COSTA BRAVA EXPERIENCE BY PORCEL ADVOCATS WHAT IS COSTA BRAVA EXPERIENCE? Costa Brava Experience by Porcel Advocats is our second page and blog and it is created with the aim of ofering to our clients and followers other information of área and apart from our legal...
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DISCOVER PALAMÓS COSTA BRAVA DISCOVER PALAMOS   Palamós is a coast village in the Costa Brava, whose history gets back to the 2500-1500 B.C. where they found the first Archeological sits of the population and its history has several steps, among which that of...
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DISCOVER BEGUR COSTA BRAVA DISCOVER BEGUR   Begur is a village with a great historical bagaje, placed in the center of the  Empordà. Its historical center is one of the most well-known in the Costa Brava and it is also known not only by its beaches, but also by...
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