Discover Llafranch a little village by the sea in La Costa Brava


Llafranch is a little village by the sea within the municipality of Palafrugell with less than 316 inhabitants. It is located just at the side of Calella de Palafrugell and which is one of the most prestigious areas of the Costa Brava.

Llafranch is famous for its scenic promenade and its harbour where the nautical club is located. From there you can access the “Faro de San Sebastián” (lighthouse), with a recently restored Iberian settlement. From Llafranch we can go to Tamariu by the passage of Cala Pedrosa.

Some of the most important festivals are the “Cantada de Havaneras” (first Saturday of August) and the “Mercado Loco” (fool market”), which takes place every first Saturday of September.

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