What do we do?


Our Firm of English speaking lawyers and legal advisers is specialises in Spanish property law, real estate law, conveyancing law, urbanism law, inheritance law, taxes management and debt recovery. Our firm has extensive experience and is proud to work and be committed with our  clients’ issues. Also, we are local lawyers who know the legal situation of the aforementioned specialization areas mentioned.


Where are we?


We are based in Palafrugell, Costa Brava, Girona.  But  our services are available throughout Catalonia and Spain.


What are our working specializations?


Our lawyers also work  mainly in the area of in civil law and civil liability, although we also advise in other areas of law, such as family law, inheritance and all aspects related with real state law (purchases, real estate donations, rentals, taxes related to real estate, commercial law and other).

How can we help you?


We offer to our clients a full service in English.


For most processes, we are going to start with the application of Spanish NIE (foreigners identification number) which will be necessary both for  conveyancing legal advice, inheritance advise, tax management, donation of properties and other. If you want, we can advise you on investing in Spain, or we can also help you  open a bank account, set up a corporation or register a corporation for non-residents , look for insurances and a valuation survey or report, or solve technical problems and also advise you on urbanism law. We can also help you with mainly anything regarding properties or even help you getting the licenses to rent your property as well as the Habitability Certificate and Energy Certificate. Please note that our lawyers are also fully prepared to defend your affairs in court, thus offering you a global and trustworthy service.

We work to defend your interests under the principles of honesty, transparency, dynamism, efficiency and personalised attention and with total respect for the ethical rules of our profession.


Offering our clients , the highest quality of our services, we give special importance to continuous training attending seminars and conferences on a regular basis.


My husband and I have a property in Begur and we had a problem with city planning licenses, so we contacted Porcel Advocats. Finally we were able to solve it with Yolanda's help. Rebecca Moore
What we liked most about the advice offered by Yolanda from Porcel Advocats is the proximity with the client, the information and good communication with Yolanda and the fact that we have everything centralized with her all the legal help we may need because we transacted from the NIE Number to the income tax of non-residents each year. Claudia Smith
Honestly what surprised me the most about Yolanda was that despite her youth she was very sure about what to do to sell my house safely. After selling my house I knew that she had worked on the land register, so she have higher education but she has a complete view of the transaction system despite her youth. Add to this she speaks fluent English and as a result you have your lawyer in Spain. Jutta Weber
I have been recommending expats to many businesses over the last few years. Many of my contacts are English, It is invaluable to be able to recommend an English speaking lawyer. However Yolanda goes that extra mile, not only providing invaluable legal advice, but her friendly approach helps to take pressure away when facing a daunting legal dilema. I would highly recommend Porcel to everyone. Penny Berlin ... Brava Connect
Our case is different from other compatriots. We are British retirees and residents in Spain but we do not speak Spanish or Catalan. We hired Yolanda for a claim for an accident we had. All full service with her was entirely in English, clear and successful. W. H. Jones
A few years ago Yolanda was recommended for us to advise on the purchase of a house we wanted as an investment in Spain. The house was abandoned for years so there were many charges to cancel and also records of illegality in town hall. Yolanda not only helped us in a safe sale but also made us a further follow-up to the issue and even now we go to her when we need legal help. Mark Richarson
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