Conveyancing in Spain is the process to transferring the ownership, and it is traditionally composed of two phases, firstly the deposit contract or agreement (also earnest money contract), and secondly, the signature in a public deed that takes place at the notary.

Currently, the process of conveyancing in Spain process can be done in three phases, adding a first phase, which is just a reservation document that takes place before the deposit contract or agreement, or it can be done only in the last phase of the signature at the notary office, this last step is also named “direct sale”.

Each of these phases or formalities have their own peculiarities and legal details to consider and to get advisement about.

Whether selling or buying, our team of English speaking lawyers, solicitors, and legal advisers work to safeguard your interests in the buying or selling process. Our lawyers are conveyancing experts and they are prepared to advise you on this big financial transaction. Our team will work to defend your interests under the principles of honesty, transparency, dynamism, efficiency and personalised attention. We are recommended by Spanish Propery Insight and we are also recommended by other oficial bordies.

How can we help you?

Our conveyancing legal advisement has the purpose of safeguarding your interest during the purchase process.

  • Preparing the Spanish NIE Number application for you
  • Ensuring that your interests are taken care of in the contract
  • Checking official records, such as confirming that the details in the land registry records are correct and accurate such (for ex. the official owners), also checking the debts and charges held against the property you are interested in (for example property taxes, electricity bills, community fees, and council tax).
  • Ensuring that the certificate from the Catastral Registry matches the property’s Title Deed and comparing details between both.
  • Establishing that there is a first occupation license (or a second occupation license if the property is a resale), Habitability Certificate and an Energy Certificate. In case the property requires some of these documents we can conduct a survey to do it.
  • Tax advisement and management.

Other services we can offer you:

  • Conducting a survey to check the condition of the property and its surroundings.
  • Conducting a survey to make an official valuation of the Property.
  • Getting the Habilitability Certificate and Energy Certificate.
  • Opening a banc account in Spain.
  • Setting up a corporation or register your company as a non-resident company in Spain.
  • Correction of discrepances between the description in Property Registry and the Land Registry, as well as making the pertinent registration as a new Building in the Property Registry.
  • Acting on your behalf with a power of attorney for the cases in which you cannot come in person.
  • Helping you look for a hotel accommodation or renting a car for you.
  • Looking for other local services you may need or provide you with information about them.

Post Conveyancing Services


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