Is the NIE needed to sign the deposit contract?

No, as long as the deposit contract is completed in a private document. If the NIE is completed in a public document (before a Notary Public), the NIE will be necessary. In any case, the NIE is necessary to complete the transaction at the Notary’s Office and settle taxes, so we recommend that you start this process as soon as possible to have it on time. However, if it is necessary to provide a document that proves why the NIE number is requested (as you will see later) so the deposit or reservation contract may be necessary to request the NIE.

What phases does obtaining the NIE have?

The NIE number process has two phases. In the first place, the designation of the number is requested at the National Police Office (or at the Consulate or Embassy) and once obtained we will register the NIE number with the Tax Agency.

Do I need the NIE number to open the bank account?

No, to open the bank account other information is necessary that we can inform you, although your personal identification will be sufficient (Identity Letter or Passport).

Does the NIE number change if it is renewed or if I apply for residency?

In general terms, no, according to current regulations, you will keep the same NIE number even if your administrative situation changes.

What use should I make of the NIE number?

The NIE number must be used in all your invoices in Spain, especially if you obtain real estate income to declare (both returns for rentals and for future sales).

Is it enough to show my NIE number to identify myself in official bodies in Spain?

No, before official bodies (notary’s office included) You must also show your photo identification (that is, identity card or passport). The driver’s license will not be used for this purpose.

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