In this blog entry we will tell you about the different sections of your IBI receipt (Impuesto sobre Bienes Inmuebles [Property Tax]) and also where to find them so that you may manage your taxes with us in an easy way.

Very often the Property Tax (IBI) is mistaken by the Non-resident Legal Person Income Tax (IRPFNR) and many owners think that both are the same tax and that paying one of them (usually the Property Tax) is enough to keep their taxation settled in Spain. In this article we are going to explain in a practical (not legal) language the differences between each tax. However, remember that you must always check on your specific case, as besides this tax you might also be required to declare the Wealth Tax (Impuesto sobre el Patrimonio) or other taxes.

Many non-resident owners of real estate property in Spain are worried about the implementation of this new tax which is supposed to be a temporary one and addressed to large fortunes.

Even though this tax has been very recently approved, in this article we may be able to provide a brief overview of its configuration.