Our Firm is specialized in civil law, including inheritance law. Inheritance law includes: acceptance of inheritances, Spanish wills, acceptance of inheritance, testamentary challenges, inheritances, legacies, taxes about inheritance. Our Firm also works in the area of donations.


Our service in inheritance law and donations law will include several services as:

  • Obtaining bank account certificates.
  • Obtaining the last will certificate and a copy of the last will
  • Obtaining life insurance entitlements
  • Obtaining the town hall registration records
  • Application for inheritor’s NIE
  • Getting a power of attorney in Spain or in your own country, if necessary.
  • Getting a new bank account in Spain for the inheritors.
  • Changing of name and arrangements for a new bank account
  • Change of name with utility companies and with the community of owners
  • Registration of any changes at the Land Registry
  • Payment of plusvalía tax for the property
  • Obtaining sworn translations, in case necessary and obtaining legalization of all foreign documents necessaries for the acceptance of inheritance.
  • Organising the deferment of inheritance tax payment and/ or a split payment, if necessary.
  • Possibility of organizing the signing the inheritance documents through a power of attorney
  • Organising the payment of inheritance tax.
  • Court proceeding to claim inheritance rights.


Included in the inheritance law area we find the Spanish wills. Although you have your own will in your country, making a Spanish will can save your relatives time and money and if you prepare it with the property information about Spanish inheritance tax can make you relative saving money in the future.

The idea of preparing a Spanish will is you to have peace of mind and also saving money and time to your relatives in the future. Depending on your origin country the law we are applying (Regulation (EU) No 650/2012 on jurisdiction) will make able make a will only about your assets in Spain so it will be probably compatible with the will in your own country.

Making a Spanish will in Spain means that in the future the benefactors will be able to avoid getting sworn translators of documents from your country and waiting time for this kind of works. As a result of it, making a Spanish will, makes the process quicker, simpler and cheaper.

Our legal advice about Spanish will includes:

Advice and information about your will, inheritance tax trying to make you pay the minimum, organizing the appointment in Notary, writing the document together with the Notary, and accompany you to the singing in the Notary.

Post Inheritance Services

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