What is a Spanish NIE Number?
Why do you need one?

Spanish NIE Number (Foreigners Identity Number) is a tax identification number which all foreigners planning social, economic or professional transactions in Spain will need.

This page explains how to get Spanish NIE number in order to buy a property in Spain. In case you need to request the Spanish NIE number for any other purpose please contact us and we will be happy to help.

The application for Spanish NIE Number can be filled out in person or by a specialist adviser such as our Firm, so we can to help you get it or we can make the pertinent request in order to fill it out on your behalf.


The application for the Spanish NIE Number application can be done online or in person, depending on your interested and there are two steps to complete:


If you do not live in Spain you can apply for the Spanish NIE Number online with our help. This method saves costs a saving costs method as you won’t need to assume the cost flights, hotel accommodations, and other costs.

In this proceeding, we will need you to fulfill the form at the end of this page and we will inform you about all the documents we need to prepare paperwork. Once you pay the fees for it, we shall send you all the paperwork you need to proceed by e-mail and you will register it by yourself in your nearest Spanish Embassy or Consulate.

Your Spanish NIE Number document will be ready to be picked up in two or three weeks, and then it is time the moment for step 2.

If you are not comfortable with this method and you prefer that we deal with it from Spain, you shall have to choose the second option, which we shall explain hereunder, although with some adjustments.


If you are planning to travel to Spain, then you can use this method, which is very similar to the Online Spanish NIE Number Application but the only difference is that you will register the paperwork in a Spanish Ofice instead of a Spanish Embassy or Consulate.

If you are not currently in Spain, but you do not feel comfortable with the process through the request to the Consulate, please contact us. We can offer you a solution in order to process your NIE in Spain so that you do not need to come to the country.

Your Spanish NIE Number document will also be ready to pick up in two or three weeks, and then it is time for step 2.


Once you have obtained your NIE Number it will be necessary to register it in the Spanish Tax Agency. This step will be done by our legal advisers, so we will need you to send us all your documents, personal details, a copy of the NIE Number obtained and you will also have to sign an administrative authorization.

This step is absolutely necessary for future procedures in the Tax Agency, such as the annual return of taxes ( income tax for non-residents or the income tax for residents)

Please remember that if you hire our conveyancing service the application for NIE is included in the fees, so you do not need to ask for it separately.

If you are planning to live in Spain and you want us to help you to get more information about residency requirements and its application, or if you want information about other administrative rules for foreigners, please contact us here.

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