With artisanal floats, dances, concerts, art exhibitions and other activities, these festivities are a tradition in Palafrugell.

The Spring Festivities in Palafrugell are more than just a simple seasonal celebration; they are a living witness of the cultural and historical heritage in this area. How did these festivities emerge and how have they evolved through the years?  What is their impact on the local community and on the visitors who join in? Discover their origin, development and influence, and explore their meaning beyond what may seem a mere celebration of spring.  

Spring Festivities

Which is the origin of the Spring Festivities?

Carnival events already existed in Palafrugell in the late 19th century and early 20th century. With dances, parades, bands and a vibrant atmosphere, carnival became a tradition for all people in Palafrugell. However, during the postwar period those celebrations were forbidden, as they were considered immoral.

But the jubilant mood in Palafrugell was not easily silenced. After many restrictions and prohibitions, the citizens conceived the brilliant idea of moving carnival to spring, under the name of Spring Festivities. 

Not only did this innovative initiative keep the tradition alive, but it also improved it with new activities and events. Since their first edition in 1963, the Spring Festivities have grown and developed constantly. With crafted floats, dances, concerts, art exhibitions and other activities, these festivities have become a multidimensional celebration attracting visitors from all over the world.

Spring Festivities – Activities

The most exciting moment of the Spring Festivities is undeniably the Costa Brava Carrousel. This is a great street performance with floats and people in disguise dancing and enjoying themselves. Not only does this enhance the imagination and art of the people joining in, but also shows the bond and pride of the Palafrugell community and their love for the traditions of the area.

Besides the Costa Brava Carrousel, there is a wide range of activities, including concerts, street performances, handcraft markets and sports events. This variety of options ensures there will always be something for everybody, from families to culture lovers and enthusiastic party goers. For further information, please check: https://www.palafrugellcultura.cat/ca/programacio-festes-de-primavera.html