In Costa Brava we have more attractions than just beaches and fishing towns. We also have a unique history in the Iberian Peninsula – the ruins of Empúries.

Dating back to over 2,500 years, this idyllic spot, surrounded by beaches and coves, offering a spectacular view of the Mediterranean sea, reveals part of the legacy of the ancient Greek and Roman civilisations in our land.

Archaeological site

Only 25% of its surface has been explored

The excavations that turned this space into what it currently is – a place to admire history – began in 1908 and are still going on. Actually, to date, only 25% of the site has been explored.

Unique archaeological site in the Iberian Peninsula

Empúries is the only archaeological site in the Iberian Peninsula that is home to two ancient cities, Emporion (Greek) and Emporiae (Roman). Since the 6th century BC, when the Greek settled in Emporion, until centuries after, Empúries was a port, a commercial centre, the Greek colony in the West, the first Roman settlement in the Peninsula and a prosperous Roman city.

Archaeological site

For history and classic culture lovers, a visit to Empúries is an unforgettable experience. Moreover, it is currently one of the main sites of the Archaeology Museum of Catalonia, preserving and promoting the rich cultural and historic patrimony of this region.

Empúries nowadays

The ruins of Empúries are currently located between two towns – L’Escala and Sant Martí d’Empúries, the latter depending on the former.

Sant Martí d’Empúries

The beaches in the area are a fine-sanded paradise with crystal-clear waters, surrounded by green pine tree forests and wide trekking areas.


Some of the most popular beaches are Platja del Riuet, Platja d’Empúries, Platja del Moll Grec, Platja de les Muscleres, Platja del Portitxol and Platja del Rec del Molí. From Porcel Advocats we have the pleasure of inviting you to explore them!