Apart from the magnificent beaches with golden sand and crystal waters, Costa Brava also has a rich cultural legacy – the medieval towns that adorn its coast like jewels along the Mediterranean shore. In this article we present to you the magic of three of these villages –Tossa de Mar, Púbol and Pals.

Tossa de Mar

With its narrow cobblestoned streets and walls surrounding the historical centre, Tossa de Mar looks like the setting of a medieval tale. Its fortresses, built in the 12 th century, still retain their charm and offer a trip to the past to those who visit them. The castle of Tossa de Mar, perched crowning the town, bears witness of the local history and offers an impressive view of the sea.

Tossa de Mar (Canva)


Mainly known as the place of residence of the surrealist artist Salvador Dalí and his muse, Gala, Púbol’s charm is unique. Its castle, purchased by Dalí as a gift for Gala, is a work of art in itself. With its impressive towers and exuberant gardens, the Castle of Púbol takes visitors to a world of fantasy and imagination.

Púbol (Canva)

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With the stone houses on either side of each street and the arches above its historical centre, Pals is another medieval jewel in Costa Brava. The centre, crowned by the Torre de les Hores, offers a beautiful view. But the real charm of this town resides in getting lost in its streets and discovering its history- and tradition-filled nooks.

Pals (Canva)

The medieval towns in Costa Brava such as Tossa de Mar, Púbol and Pals offer a unique experience for those willing to explore the cultural and historical richness of our region. With their timeless charm and romantic atmosphere, these towns invite you to travel back in time and get lost in a world of tales and legends.