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Wealth tax is levied on the net worth of a person. The net worth englobes the person’s estate and financial rights, after deduction of charges which serve to reduce its value. Charges include debts and obligations the party has to face.

Wealth tax is generally levied on high value estate, which means that some people will not have to declare their estate. Also, there are several bases which have tax relief. 

This is a state tax even though it is handled by the regional governments. It is filed using the 714 Form (modelo 714).

When should I file my return?

The delay to present your return on wealth is from 1 April to 30 June of the following year, irrelevant of its result (positive or negative).

However, if the result of your return shows you have to pay, and the payment is domiciled, your return cannot be filed later than 25 June 2022.

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