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Graduate in Law, Open University of Catalonia (UOC) (Business Itinerary), 2010 · University Extension in Public Relations, Open University of Catalonia (UOC), 2010. · Membership as a practicing lawyer of the Girona Bar Association, September 2010 · Member ICAG 2976 · Course at the School of Legal Practice at the Girona Bar Association, completed 2011. Vocational Aptitude Certificate · Specialization Course on Gender Violence at the Girona Bar Association, completed 2013 · Specialization Course in Foreign Affairs and Nationality at the Girona Bar Association, completed 2013 · Practising lawyer affiliated to the Girona Bar Association. Duty Service and Assistance to Detainees (TOAD), in all jurisdictions (Civil, Criminal, Gender, Employment and Administrative Violence) from 2011 until January 2019. At the momento only for civil jursisdiction. · Postgraduate in Catalan Civil Law (family law, property law and inheritance law) at the University of Barcelona in 2014, recognized as a specialist in Catalan civil law by the General Council of the Judiciary. Final project “The content and constitution of easements. Special treatment of easements usucaption ” · Advanced Mediation Course (civil, social and family), taught by CEDECO-UJCI. Final project “The state of implementation of health mediation in Girona”, completed 2015. Mediator registered at the Regional Government of Catalonia Official Register · Official Master in Damages Claims Law, University of Girona, completed 2015. Dissertation presented: “Fault and its proof in medical and civil responsibility” · Doctorate in private law, University of Girona (expected to start September 2017) · Real State Agent (I do not exercice) nº 1084 Girona · Member of the Spanish Association of Lawyers Specialized in Civil Liability and Insurance · Contributor to legal journals and publications.

Languages: Castilian, Catalan, English and French.



Jaume has born in Barcelona the 8th of January of 1952
Jaume completed his university studies at the ESADE business administration school in Barcelona and has attended numerous seminars specializing in finance and senior management throughout his career.
He has a long and extensive professional experience as a business manager, particularly in the paper industry. For the last few years, he has been the CEO of the European division of the American paper group The Newark Group, Inc., which gave up when this division was sold to a private equity fund.
Jaume is graduated in Law and Master for his practice. He is a Lawyer in practise, particularly in the field of Civil Law and Commercial Law, registered with the Bar Association of Girona (ICAG 3771), and has attended seminars in civil matters and a specialization course in Violence against Women. He is currently following a course in Mediation in Civil Matters at the CICAC.
In addition to his native languages (Catalan and Spanish) he speaks French, English and Italian.

Maria del Carmen González


CFPM Training Cycle Administrative Management (Legal field) (LOE) at IES Baix Empordà from 2017 until 2020 · Mindfulness course promoted by the Consortium for Continuous Training of Catalonia, 2020 · Communication Skills Course promoted by the Consortium for Continuous Training of Catalonia, 2020 · Specialist Course on Non-Resident Tax by the European Institute of Business Studies, 2020 · French A1 course at the Open University of Catalonia (UOC) 2019 · Intermediate English Course B1 by the Official School of Languages (EOI) 2020 · Community Manager and Content Manager Course (Social Networks) 2020.