Blanes is the first coastal town on the map in Costa Brava and is commonly known as “the gateway to Costa Brava". This resort town has much to offer to those who wish to explore it.

This charming town has beautiful beaches where one can spend the whole day basking in the sun and the sea. The main beach is perfect to take a stroll at sunset or have a drink at on of the many bars facing the sea.

However, Blanes is not just beaches. It has a magnificent medieval castle, the “Castell de Sant Joan”, which dates back to the 11 th century and offers a breathtaking view of the town and the sea.

Besides its castle, Blanes is also known for its wonderful botanical gardens, called “Jardins de Marimurtra”. With its wide range of plant species from all over the world, this exuberant garden is a paradise for nature-lovers and offers trekking trails that will take you to spectacular cliffs with panoramic views of the coast.

Another place worth visiting in Blanes is the local farmer’s market. This gastronomic space is famous for its wide selection of local products, such as fruit, vegetables, fresh fish and meat. A real paradise for Mediterranean food lovers.

With its wonderful beaches, its medieval castle, its botanical gardens overlooking the Mediterranean and its local market, Blanes is sure to captivate your senses and create unforgettable memories.