Portbou is the last treasure of Costa Brava. Or the first, depending on how you look at it. A picturesque town with a sailing tradition and beautiful rocky beaches that will captivate anyone with its natural environment and lovely history.

Located in the north-east of Alt Empordà, Girona, by the French border, Portbou has long been an entry point to Spain and an important communication centre. Since the last few years of the 19th century, its location has made this town a meeting point between cultures and an access door to unforgettable experiences.

What to visit in Portbou?

One of the most relevant treasures in Portbou is its outstanding railway station, built in 1929. This architectural piece is one of the most relevant symbols of this town which, at that time, used to be a very relevant point for transportation.

Another hallmark in Portbou is the monument to Walter Benjamin, an important philosopher and cultural critic who escaped from the nazi troops to France through the Spanish border, but unfortunately died in Portbou. This monument is a place to reflect and honour his intellectual legacy. The views are spectacular.

Portbou – idyllic beaches

Amongst cliffs and steep coasts covered with luxuriant vegetation lie quiet beaches and hidden coves with crystal-clear water and rocky bottoms, which are one of the main highlights of the town, a paradise for snorkelling and swimming enthusiasts.

In conclusion, Portbou is a genuine place with not too many tourists, perfect for those who want to quietly enjoy the sea, the nature and its history.