Located a few kilometres away from Costa Brava, Peratallada is a small town that captivates visitors with its medieval beauty and the incomparable charm of its landscape. With its cobblestoned streets, stone houses and centuries-old history, it offers a unique experience that will take travellers back to the past.

Peratallada (Canva)

Live history – a journey to the past

The heart of Peratallada is its historical centre, with a historic legacy reflected on its well-preserved walls, towers and buildings. Established in the tenth century, this town has witnessed many periods and cultures, from medieval times to present day. The Castle of Peratallada, built in the eleventh century, is an architectural gem that stands out due to its grandeur and authenticity.

The narrow streets of Peratallada are framed by stone houses with rustic façades and flower-clad windows, especially in spring. The Romanesque architecture can be perceived in every corner, creating a unique atmosphere. The small squares and old churches offer quiet nooks for those who seek to encounter the tranquillity of the past.

Peratallada (Canva)

Catalan gastronomy and sustainable tourism

Amidst this scene, cozy restaurants offer traditional Catalan cuisine prepared with local ingredients. The options are endless – from typical tapas to exquisite fish and seafood dishes from the area. Moreover, local wines are a perfect option to complement the experience.

One of the main characteristics of this town is that it has adopted a sustainable tourism approach, prioritising the preservation of its patrimony and nature. This has allowed it to maintain its authenticity, by providing its visitors with an environmentally- and historically-friendly lodging.

Peratallada is a destination that blends history, architecture, gastronomy and sustainability into a harmonious combination. A stroll along its streets is like time-travelling. Discover this architectural gem in Costa Brava!