Empordà is much more than a place of natural beauty and spectacular beaches. It is also a true paradise for wine lovers. As part of this charming region in Catalonia, we wish to share the fascinating history of its wine tradition.

Each glass of wine with an Empordà certificate of origin takes us back in time and offers a unique sensory experience. Our vineyards, spread out throughout the hills like a green blanket, have witnessed centuries of winemaking history, which makes us proud of our local patrimony.


The local grapes of Empordà, such as Garnacha and Cariñena, are the base of the unique wines of this region. Each grapevine is a link to our ancestors, taking us back to the Greek and Roman periods in the area.

The ruins of Empúries are witnesses of this history, where vine cultivation was an important part of daily life. This wine heritage still lives to this day and inspires us to preserve and share the culture and tradition of wine in Empordà, connecting the past, present and future of the local viticulture.

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The local cellars in Empordà do not only produce wine – they also invite you to enjoy good food and company. With a wide range of wine-related experiences such as wine tastings and guided tours, these places are meeting points where we share stories and smiles and create unforgettable connections while holding a glass of wine.

At Porcel Advocats we are aware of the importance of protecting the wine legacy of Empordà for future generations. This patrimony is worth preserving and promoting, so we support our winegrowers and we promote the wines of Empordà all around the world. We invite you to discover this part of our beloved territory.